Together we make it round

Dow Terneuzen


A new platform to communicate sustainability projects


  • Brand
  • Digital

Dow Chemicals Terneuzen is a large chemical company and one of the biggest employers in southwest Netherlands. Dow creates the raw material to manufacture products from smartphones, to insulation, mattresses and everything in between. Dow has their own internal system for projects but there wasn’t a central platform to communicate with colleagues, local residents, partners and customers.

Step in - Dow Circles. A single platform that shows all ongoing projects, performance reports and offers a place to ask a question.

The Dow Circles platform should feel like its own entity but also work within the core Dow brand. The brandmark is made up of coloured segments showing that together we can complete the circle. Data visualisation became an important part of the website to clearly show the progress made on projects. A launch video was storyboarded and created to explain the new website. Social posts were created and shared to encourage a dialog with local residents.