The Cadzand Life



Supporting and uniting the local businesses of Cadzand


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Cadzand has over the past century been through a large transformation. Going from a quiet fishing town to a popular international tourist destination filled with boutique shops and hotels. The CADZAND.LIFE magazine was introduced to support and unite the local businesses that are part of the Cadzand scene. The focus was put on locals, from the artists found within the magazine to the products photographed to the interviews. To celebrate the launch of the magazine the event ‘LEEF CADZAND’ was put on with events, a cycle route and food trucks.

The look and feel of the magazine needed to match the new Cadzand, a highly modern seaside. The typography mixed together a handwritten watercolour brush with a beautifully modern serif. Colours were selected from the local sand dunes and sea to be used as background colours and for the rest there was a real focus on white space to allow the content to shine. Finding a shark tooth is synonymous in the area. We used this on every page of the magazine as a brand mark and a sign-off.