MindMatters - let’s talk

Yara Sluiskil


Raising awareness of the mental health of Yara employees


  • Digital
  • Print

Yara Sluiskil is the Netherlands based headquarters of this international producer of fertilisers. Yara wanted to create a campaign that would raise awareness and focus on the mental health of their employees. Most of our time is spent at work, so having employees with emotional, psychological and socially strong minds is key. The campaign included 4 themes - Balance, Charity, Vitality and Empowerment which correlated to events happening throughout the year.

The branding needed to fit within the Yara brand guidelines but also have its own unique campaign branding. The colours of Yara were softened to really focus on promoting wellness. A texture was created per campaign theme and assets from posters to Whatsapp messages were created to feel as one coherent campaign. My work included the naming of the campaign. From ‘new day’ to ‘rise’, the clear winner became ‘MindMatters’ as seen as matters can be interpreted as important as well as the subject of the mind. The wordmark includes a playful spin of the ‘i’ into an exclamation mark. This ‘M!’ was also used as a shortened wordmark for social.