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De Ideeenfabriek van Pieters


It’s not every day you rebrand a creative agency


  • Brand
  • Digital
  • Print

Pieters Media was already a well-known and respected print production agency in the Zeeuws Vlaanderen area with huge printing presses on-site. Just by saying the word ‘Pieters’ everyone knew which place you were talking about. As print moved to larger production houses in the early 2000s, Pieters added ‘Media’ to set into motion a transformation onto the digital stage and hereby appeal to new clients. The next large transformation was placing creativity at the heart of the business.

Pieters Media renamed themselves de "Ideeënfabriek van Pieters" (the Ideas Factory). With this a new positioning and branding was created. The branding merges the old (printing presses and texture) with a modern twist through bright colours, modern typography and illustration. The brandmark uses the shape of the office (the old townhall) with a factory so it’s instantly recognisable. Deliverables ranged from a website, podcast series, signage, newspaper and even a chocolate bar wrapper for clients.

Moodboards only used for inspiration