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The all-round IT partner united under one brand identity


  • Animation
  • Campaign
  • Digital
  • Iconography

AXI is an all-round strategic IT partner that specialises in health, retail, government and the services industry within Belgium and the Netherlands. AXI had in the past 5 years acquired numerous companies as part of their portfolio, the task became how to unite these under one new brand identity. Starting with the colour, the old ‘AXI’ was red and a key acquired company used a light blue. Mixing these two creates a vibrant purple that portrays both IT, young and a future-focused feel.

The ‘X’ is made out of two chevrons to symbolise momentum and has an overlapping element to show collaboration - being a partner. Working as part of the brand strategy team a proposal was put together for the client. This included the new brand positioning within the market, the restructuring of AXI’s sub-branded services such as ‘AXI - purchase to pay’ and a payoff that resonated with their audience.