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The Rory Peck Trust


Celebrating the heroes that capture the truth of today’s news stories.


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London based charity Rory Peck Trust was set up in 1995 following the death of the cameraman Rory Peck. Rory died a few years previous in Moscow. Every day worldwide, freelance journalists are in highly dangerous scenarios seeking to capture the truth of a news story. Having accurate news reports in today’s world is more important than ever. The Trust provides support to the individuals including their families through practical training and advise.

A yearly awards night is held in London to celebrate the work of freelance journalists. An annual brochure is also produced to sit alongside the event and feature additional information on the winners and nominees as well as show the continuous work of the Trust. A condensed font was introduced to the brochure to feel more editorial and impact. A lot of time is spent on location with the client, selecting colours and foils for the cover and reviewing content before being published to press.

The website received a refresh following a successful update to the brochure. The content is mobile optimised and low bandwidth due to many freelancers being in remote locations with a limited connection. The icon set was also developed to easily recognise training topics.

Cover credit Etienne Malgraive, venue photography credit Sophie Baggott