Life by Freixenet



Selling more than just a range of Cava, Freixenet sold a lifestyle.


  • Animation
  • Campaign
  • Digital
  • Iconography
  • Illustration

A large e-mail user base of existing customers is gold within marketing. One that is nurtured will become loyal and provide returned in custom as well as share positive brand reinforcement. Freixenet, the world's’ largest exporter of Cava, found themselves in exactly this scenario. Their brand didn’t just sell a range of Cava, it sold a lifestyle.

“Life by Freixenet” became a ‘VIP club’ rewarding loyal customers with competitions, exclusive festival tickets, wine tasting and unique experiences. At the heart of it was the Freixenet website which transformed from being product focused to offering rich blog content. Traffic was driven to the website via email updates, social campaigns and relevant articles.