Start with Y



An understanding as to why customers use accountancy helped this brand repositioning.


  • Brand
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  • Interior

All of us at some point in our lives will require help with our accounts. Since 1906, Critchleys has been providing accountancy and advisory services to the Oxford area. Customers were using Critchleys for many reasons ranging from handing down a family business, receiving investment for a startup to understanding how to manage funds for retirement. The more asking of ‘Why?’, the more understanding was gained as to why you would use their service.

Working closely with Critchleys, a brand repositioning of ‘Start with Y’ was developed. It was a way of telling the many stories of their customers as well as internally remaining curious and open-minded as a company. The letter ‘Y’ was selected as it was one of the unique characters from the wordmark as well as the letter having two shapes supporting each other once turned upside down. The new brand was introduced with a fresh palette, a new custom font and brand guidelines which included suggestions of photography and messaging.